Do You Want To Travel Without Going Through Security and Customs?

The United States Government recently created programs that will allow travelers to avoid:

  • Security Checks for Domestic Flights on Delta and American Airlines (TSAPrecheck);
  • Customs for International Travelers entering into the US (Global Entry);
  • Customs entering the US-Canada Border for Trucks Carrying Goods (FAST);
  • Customs entering the US-Mexico Border for Trucks Carrying Goods (SENTRI); and
  • Customs entering the US-CANADA Border for Individuals (NEXUS).

These programs were instituted to make travel quicker and easier for eligible United States citizens. They are collectively known as the Trusted Travelers Program. The approval process includes an application, background check, and an interview.

Employing the aid of an attorney who can assist you in the preparation and submission process of the application, preparing you for the interview, and communicating with the United States Government on your behalf is a much-needed service when endeavoring to be approved for the Trusted Travelers Program.  An attorney can act as a liaison between the applicant and the government attorney.

One such instance involved the denial of a NEXUS application, which I was able to successfully appeal. This client had applied for NEXUS and due to a criminal history was at first denied. However, with my help, I was able to convince the government to allow him entry into the NEXUS program. Today, he avoids long lines at the US-Canadian border.

Attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.


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